On my quiet drive from work to the boys’ daycare earlier this evening; the only time of the day I have to reflect on the many blessings in my life; I was reminded again that when I give my fears to God, He takes me to a place of rest and peace.


… rest and peace


My friends and family know that this Caught-in-between Mom (CibM) and planes do not go together. We are just not compatible J I am one of the few humans that could start a drama in a flying airplane from fear. Yes, I do have a phobia for flying.

Few years ago, I had to travel to Knoxville, Tennessee for work, and I cannot even begin to narrate the mental preparation I had to make weeks before this trip, just so I don’t cause a scene in the plane.

Contrary to what I had prayed for, the flight was not canceled. It was right on schedule. I feared even more on this day because there was a ‘bad’ storm. I’m sure frequent flyers would have considered that kind of weather ‘light rain’.

My legs wobbled with my first couple of steps as I entered through the airport doors. The airport looked different this morning. Everything looked so strange. As I walked through the security gates, it dawned on me that this was the point of no return. OMG!!! My whole system started screaming, there was chaos in my brain, as if a tornado was passing through.

We started boarding at exactly 5:50AM. And for the first time since I got my ticket, I looked at the flight details.

Delta Airlines, Flight #3960, Seat 8B.

No going back! I smiled at the air hostess like I was a pro as I entered the airplane. I got seated and pretended to be all calm. I looked at the faces of the people around me. Some were already sleeping, and some were laughing with excitement. I couldn’t understand how they felt this comfortable in an AIRPLANE.

Soon after, the flight attendant stood in the middle of the aisle. I couldn’t really hear what she was saying but I understood what she was trying to do. She looked like someone trying out for a choreography audition as she swung her hands and pointed to different things, played with a seat belt, the oxygen mask, etc. … Yeah right, like as if I’ll remember all these in the event of any mishap. And then, I heard the pilot clear his throat as he greeted the passengers and welcomed us onboard … Onboard Flight 3960.

I felt the plane move backwards. O.M.G!!! This is for real!!

This was a defining moment. I heard the pilot announce that due to the weather, we might be experiencing some turbulence for the entire 44 minutes of the flight. I wanted to yell “put me down!!!” I closed my eyes, with my seat in upright position, put my knees together, clasped my hands and put them in between my thighs. I could not even say a word of prayer but my thoughts travelled far… so far away.

I closed my eyes and thought about all the times God had seen me through really bad situations. I thought about my beautiful and entertaining daughter, I thought about my family, I thought about my Church family, my loving and caring friends. I remembered all my visions that I had written down for the year. I flashed back to all the times God had made me smile. And then, all of a sudden, I felt God’s love and peace.

In this world I travelled to in the plane, it was so beautiful and happy. I was so relaxed. At this point, I was determined to open my eyes and face my fears. I was determined to trust God and let Him have His way. So, I took a deep breath in and opened my eyes. Just as I reclined my seat so I could relax and reflect more on these happy memories of God’s faithfulness, I heard the captain announce, “It’s been a pleasure serving you today; thank you for flying Delta”.

“What in the World?? We’re in Ohio already? Are you kidding me?” My words almost audible. What happened to all the bumps and turbulence the pilot had talked about? I looked outside the window, and I saw ground!

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! We’re here, I made it, I made it, I made it!!! Onboard flight 3960!! I made it!
I took time to reflect on flight 3960 later that day. I wondered if the plane really did take off. I almost concluded that the plane never took off, and that I was transported to my destination in a mysterious way

I then realized that God took me out of my fears onboard flight 3960, and helped me focus on what would bring Him praise. He took my ashes away, and gave me beauty. He gave me strength in place of my fear, He gave me gladness instead of mourning and He gave me peace in place of my despair. I will forever be grateful. Let me encourage someone that though your fears might be real, there is a God who is always onboard your flight … give Him your fears!!img_2263

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