It’s Thankful (testimony) Friday! (Inspired by one of my very beautiful friend and sister, Toyin)

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you the eighth wonder of the world 😊 …

This beautiful wonder (aka My Clarinet) showed up suddenly in front of my house sometime last year, just before Christmas. It was an early Christmas gift. I had been pleasantly surprised with this gift by an amazing couple 😍 I fell in love with My Clarinet almost immediately. I was fascinated by its silver trims, curves, and bold black color. There was only one problem though; I didn’t know how to play the clarinet.

I promised myself I would learn to play, or at least learn to play a hymn or two. So I got practicing and learning.

It was hard at first but I somehow got a hang of it. Not before long, My Clarinet became my handbag; it came with me everywhere I went, like Mary’s little lamb. I would play the ‘tatata’ I knew how to play and it was always refreshing (at least in my ears)😀. It soon became my ‘de-stresser’. I would pick it up in the middle of work especially whenever I get stressed, play a few tunes, get refreshed and then get right back to work. It made me happy. 😊

And then the unthinkable happened. A few days ago, I was (late night) practicing as usual. A hymn had popped up in my head all day and I couldn’t wait to practice/play/hear it. As soon as it was time, I went straight to my clarinet and picked it up like a child being presented for christening. But first, I had to ‘gbon’ out the molecules of liquid solution (aka my spit) inside it. Because as it is written, “the rookies shall play the clarinet with spit”. 😂 (Shebi I already told you I’m a ‘practicer’, not a pro yet).

Anyway, I had to get the instrument ready. Lo and behold, as I swayed my clarinet back and forth, the midsection fell out and dropped on the floor with a thud. #Lobatan

I didn’t think anything of it. I picked it back up and put it back together. I was ready to play (sorry, practice). The moment I played key A, My Clarinet came out with a sound that had all the letters of the alphabet in it. 🤦🏽‍♀️ It wasn’t funny. I tried a couple more times, each time checking the instrument to see if anything had come off, but no success. So finally, I decided to cry. I sat on the floor and cried quietly. The tears were black because it mixed very well with my mascara. I came to get refreshed, but instead, I got disappointment, aches, and pain. I went to bed that night, sulky.

Next day I got on Amazon, hoping to see if I could buy another. But the moment the picture came up, And I saw the price, I realized that my account will have to #SòròSókè for me to buy another one. So I shut down my computer. I decided to find an alternative ‘de-stresser’.

Two days later, during our family devotion, I decided to raise the issue of my clarinet as a prayer point. I was serious. Right after prayers (or maybe before we even prayed, I can’t remember) my all-knowing, sometimes-smarter-than-I daughter suggested she could take it to school to see if the band students would be able to fix it. I kept saying “Wo, it’s broken jare” (It’s broken already). And in my mind, I questioned what ‘magic’ a bunch of high school students were going to perform on My Clarinet. “What do these small small band shidren know?”, I thought when they’re not Fela Anikulapo band or Chris Ajilo 🙄 But just so that I do not dismiss my daughter’s efforts, I lazily agreed for her to take it to the group that I assumed was the starter pack of Fela’s band. 🙈 In my mind, I had written off the clarinet. I think I saw where it was broken but I kept quiet on that. I have been tired all week, tired, and dragging myself to do everything.

My daughter took the clarinet to school today. And I just got this text ….

Right now, I feel like somebody just gave me a new kidney, liver and brain.

Lessons learned.

  • Treasure the things (and people) that bring you joy. Never toss it (or them) up and down

  • It doesn’t matter how trivial you think a situation is, you can always still pray about it. Make it a prayer point

  • Never belittle the words of a younger person. They may be God’s mouth piece at any point in time.

  • Hope for the best. Even when you have to put your hope in the hands of a high school band group 🙂

  • Finally, no matter how bad the situation is, GOD CAN!!

14 thoughts on “Broken!

  1. Do not despise humble beginnings and do not despise them. I’m glad you listened and gave our Princess the opportunity to show you how the young generations are using their gifts. You are doing great Sola and all you need to continue to do is to practice; set a goal for yourself snd you will surprised how far you will go!!! Goodluck my dear. Keep pressing. By the way, you are adorable

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  2. Tapping…wow inspiring with many lessons. I particularly like the fact that despite the twist and turns God showed up where we least expect. I can’t wait to watch you play the clarinet. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. I am super proud of you.

    It’s exciting to see your writings back here…we need more 😍😍😍

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    • Awww…. Thanks Tai! I pray for grace to be consistent with playing my clarinet, and writing. It really has been a while. Thanks for your encouragement always 😘


  3. Oh wow, I’m happy to be reading an article here. It’s been some time, thank you for the laughs 😂.
    I totally agree with the lessons, no matter how small you look at a child, they are sometimes smarter than you.

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  4. Waoooooooo, you never know how much inspiration you give with just telling simple life stories. Thanks dearest Sister. As for your clarinet, pls keep playing and practicing, music is food to the soul. Thank you for the beatiful piece you rendered when I lost my mum. It was really soul soothing.
    Remember I always love you. Remain blessed.

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  5. Learnt a lot from the write-up,
    1. We must learn from all, either small or great
    2. We must take all our issues to God, who is all-knowing
    3. We must appreciate everyone around us.
    4. We must be careful how we handle our material things.
    5. Whatever we have, is to the glory of God like you use your clarinet to praise God.
    6. God wants us to depend on Him as our ‘de-stresser’ and not on physical things only.

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